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by Mystic Mongol

Part 284: 1352: Saraska the Ambitious

I'm here at Philcon, and the gaming room is once again a gaming hallway, shared with the events planners who are preparing for meals and presentations for more valued members of the convention. Also, they didn't give us any tables or chairs. We've manged to steal some tables, but now we're looking for chairs, and a number of people who would eventually join us have wandered on their way, having no interest in playing Settlers of Catan on the floor, in their own filth, like animals.

C'est la vie, I suppose.

That went smoothly. Across Dragon Pass, families are rejoicing to be reunited. For today, at least, we are the toast of every feast!

I'm sure they'll be raiding us again next year.

Or sooner--reasonable, really. I don't think we freed any troll slaves from the Horse-Spawn.

The furious queen of the Garstali has won another glorious victory!

Then I bothered the gods, and learned a ritual that does... something. Once the turn ends, I'll be able to find out, but before we can deal with the event there's a random event to endure.

A woman whose insignia corresponds to no local clan comes to you with a proposal. "I am Saraska Bright-Eyes, and it has been prophesied that I will unite the tribes and make this land called Saraska. I will be Queen of the Kings, the Peaceful Hero, the Great Uniter. I know that your people helped make a tribe when there were only clans, so I now seek your aid in making a kingdom where there are only tribes." She concludes with an impromptu ritual asking the gods to favor us and her plan.

Conduct a divination.

Receive her politely, but promise nothing.

"Come back when you've won the support of other clans."

Agree to speak on the king of the Aranwyth on her behalf.

I would like to believe this is the woman in that odd prophecy we heard once. Perform a divination first, then hear her out.

What she suggests is contrary to local tradition. But all traditions were innovations, once.

Let us see how she attempts to make a kingdom -- we can always take over after her.

Our magic is strong, and our godtalkers are wise. They will find the truth.

If the prophecies say it is so, it is so.