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Part 304: 1353: Goldentooth

We made fun of her stupid face! I'm SURE we'll never hear from her again THIS time.

Of course, other troubles are looming--exactly the kind of troubles that being in a kingdom would help a lot with. But I'm getting ahead of myself here.

First, I sent Korstardos off to buy a treasure. We've got huge piles of goods, after all.

Goddamn Horse-Spawn! They never USED to win battles, what the hell is all this crap all of a sudden?

It has something to do with crops, I'll find out after this next event.

A warrior from the Turtles comes to report that a terrible force of Praxian raiders is cutting a swath through the clans to the south. The raiders are led by Jaldon Goldentooth, a legendary hero who some say is a personification of death itself. Goldentooth's raiders have devastated the clans they've ridden through -- and they're coming this way.

Offer tribute to Goldentooth if he will bypass your tula.

Sacrifice to the gods, so that Goldentooth will attack elsewhere.

Send a force to fight Goldentooth before he arrives.

Send noncombatants to a distant clan.

Set traps throughout the tula to thwart Goldentooth's invasion.

We can afford to offer a generous tribute.

Goldentooth has been killed several times throughout history, but always returns to kill again.

Goldentooth is a legendary slayer of men. If he arrives, many will die.

Is there no end to our woes? A horrible foe in Earth season, when we should be bringing in our crops.

The gods have little influence over the actions of our foes. Perhaps Ernalda could help us, a little.

We are doomed.

Game too easy now, you bunch of jerks? Stone just showed up, in a reference I'm damn sure absolutely no one will get!