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Part 307: 1353: Thadart's Tribulations

Fine, we'll let a bunch of cultists and a drunk trickster have all our best horses, alone, in a house. What's more, we'll pay them ten cows and thirty goods for the privilege!

And they say they completed the ritual successfully. Who are we to secondguess a bunch of horse-diddlers?

All I know is, apparently Elmal is more of a friend to horses than we knew--and suddenly I don't want to learn any more of his mysteries.

The dark season was spent learning the rituals of a god who doesn't make me feel all sticky.

Missing File: capture_26112009_030148.pngWe'll get this as soon as we can — however it might just be gone forever, sorry! If you know where we can find it, please get in contact

Thadart, the warrior of your clan whose visage was made monstrous by the alien god of the Tusk Riders, comes before the clan ring, demanding redress of a grievance. "I am dishonored by my own clan. I am continuously insulted, whispered about, and treated as some kind of outlaw or foreigner. No one will look me in the eye. On our last raid, no one would turn their backs to me. When I was cut off by Blue Jay weaponthanes, no one came to my aid. I do not wish to fight those of my own clan, although they dishonor me. I instead demand that you reproach them for their misbehavior, so that they will correct it."

Give him gifts.

Persuade him to be more understanding of the others' fears.

Persuade the people to treat him with more respect.

Reproach the people for dishonoring him.

"You are lucky we let you live here at all."

If we can resolve this matter without displeasing Thadart or the others, we will gain a reputation for wisdom.

If we reproach the others, his honor will be considered satisfied, even if their response is bad.

He's right--the weaponthanes didn't support him during our raid on the Blue Jays.

Gifts will make him happy.

We can't make anyone do anything.