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by Mystic Mongol

Part 312: Korstardos the Concilator

Highlights from the heroquest:

You can actually do quite a lot of trading during this heroquest. The Stick Picker tribe treasure is the Board of Nails, which helps us keep our farmers happy. The Tigers Eye necklace helps us find hidden things, whatever that means. Exploration bonus, maybe.

I don't know why I had Gustbran's wheel again, but I got rid of it anyway.

Then, the weaponthanes threw a fit because everyone's off fighting Jaldon. I appased them by promoting all able-bodied men in the clan, and got seven additional weaponthanes.

Good thing, too, as the horsespawn showed up. They were an easy win.

Under my orders, the farmers expanded the pastures from 73 land to 201.

Then, to keep the warriors happy, I ordered a raid of the Anmangarn clan. Remember them? They're the chumps who decided they'd be better of if they wern't part of clan Kuchulainn.

This kid's growing on me, you know? Maybe I shouldn't reject him out of hand. Also, he's the tenth best barterer in clan!

No hostages, but we got cows and goods, so we can't complain.

Near death, the hero Derik Furman is borne into your clan hall. "He slew Jaldon Goldentooth, the great Praxian incarnation of death, and buried him beneath a cairn of skulls. But the blows Jaldon dealt to him took their toll soon after he did so, and Derik has not regained consciousness since." The warriors you sent were instrumental in defeating Jaldon's Praxian raiders. They all returned, but each of them had suffered serious wounds.

Send for Chalana Arroy priestesses to heal Derik.

Tell Derik's followers to take him elsewhere.

Tend to Derik as he recovers.

Tend to Derik; allow his followers to stay here until he recovers.

Try to magically heal Derik.

The carls are afraid that Derik's companions will misbehave, but I think it is just harmless grumbling.

In the battle between Humakt and Wakboth, the Devil bit the Sword God in half, and cast the pieces aside. The wound would have killed anyone lesser than Humakt, and even he was not able to fight any more that day.

The warriors will be glad if we entertain Derik's companions while he recovers.

Throughout Dragon Pass, Chalana Arroy priestesses will be busy tending to those wounded by Jaldon's raids. Still, we can convince one to come heal the one who slew death's champion.

Don't let those mischevous bulls of his cause any trouble!

Our magic is strong. We should try to heal him ourselves.

Derik caused so much death; no Chalana Arroy priestesses will help him.