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Part 313: 1354: Departure of Derik

The two magic spent on a healing ritual seemed to do nothing--he remained in a stupor for some time.

Then I sent ole' Bragbane out, to explore the tula (not the spot the marker is on at the moment, incidentally) because maybe the tigers eye necklace will help us find the accursed grey net.

At this point I don't even care about the bonus.

"Somehow survived?" Bull, that kid should be deader than three trollkins fighting Ortossi. Did he have a spare head or something?

And we captured enough horses to make up for our last few losses against the Horse Spawn.

More trade routes can only make us richer.

Derik, now recovered from his wounds, prepares to leave. "I can never thank you properly for all you have done for me. When I was a child, this clan protected me. When my battle with Jaldon made me weaker than a child, this clan nursed me back to health. We go now, down to Prax, where we will take the battle to the nomads. But before we leave, I wish to give you a gift. What shall it be?"

Ask for a treasure.

Ask for cattle.

Ask for magic.

Ask for silver.

"You have given us enough of a gift already, by destroying Jaldon."

He has already done enough for Dragon Pass, by slaying one of its worst enemies.

Think of silver as an easily-portable cow that does not moo.

He is a raider. He has no cows.

We need Derik's warlike, masculine magic to counter all the simpering female magic we get around here.