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Part 319: 1355: Rainbow!

Beginning of the year news. Orlaront is a heroic customs expert, which means we can replace Arnbord at any time. Terasarin hasn't recovered from the hideous head blows, and was defeated by a few bandits. The new Varmandi chief is a furry.

With Terasarin in bed, Enjossi shall lead our Tarsh expeditions.

Those merchants came back, hoping to sell us more dwarf food. I sent them off to bother the Jenesti, just like the last time.

Preparations for this year's heroquest are complete!

In fact, we have sixty six hunters. I have no idea where they all came from, but when I get the chance I'm going to turn them all back into farmers.

How do they keep sneaking past our patrols? We have almost three dozen weaponthanes!

Oh. Right, they all went off patrol when I sent them to Prax to fight Jaldon Goldentooth. Whups! Let's fix that real quick.

Then I make myself feel a little better with a quick raid.

It went as well as all of our raids go.

I'm not sure what Korstardos wants from us here... I guess I can throw a feast later in the year to cheer everyone up.

It's our third rainbow! If you've forgotten, we can commemorate this rainbow and the luck it brings us with a raid, a trade route establishment, by making more friends, or with a sacrifice to the gods. How should we seize the day?