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Part 334: Woodland Ambushes

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Tenasarin returns to the land of mortals, his quest a successful one.

Everyone said that Tenasarin would be hard to beat in combat now, and that he would know how to look at the world and truly understand its hidden magic.

He's a bit stronger now. I'm not sure what it means by that hidden magic mumbo jumbo--he had no skill in magic before the quest, so that's probably what that means.

I've sent Ortossi, the brave explorer, to plumb the depths of Dragon Pass. Soon, he will have all of its secrets dragged to the surface. We expect no less of the mighty windslayer.

Oh, those punks. Have they forgotten the touch of our mighty war dinosuars?

The thunder lizards are all dead.

Oh. Can we raid them anyway?


We'll do that, then.

It's nice to see him putting his education to work.

The fine spray of fingers and toes foretold a stunning victory.

One of your carls, Gordangar, was injured by an arrow while helping to clear a forested patch of the tula. Neither he nor is companions saw his assailant; although they were sober and alert. The arrow is simpler than those used by your people. It's crafted from a single piece of wood, and unusually sharp. Apart from tending to Gordangar's wounds, what do you do?

Perform a curse-lifting spell on Gordangar.

Perform a ritual of divination to identify the assailant.

Sacrifice to the gods for protection from unseen foes.

Send a war party out to search for the assailant.

The carls are afraid to go near the woods.

I can't give good advice without knowing more of our foe.

It's hard to make peace with an enemy who shoots before he talks.

That arrow is of elven maufacture. We're dealing with the plant people, the Aldryami.

There is little point to sacrificing now, or purifying Gordangar.

Save us, Fedarkos!