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Part 376: 1359: Bronzebones Pursued

Nice, a free weaponthane! The more you have, the harder it is to recruit more, so for a clan so thick with warriors as we are, this is pretty nice.

Poor Brangbane--you will never get a character arc.

We beat the Blue Jays so thoroughly they surrendered to us immediately. I decided to see if simply accepting their gift and not putting the thumbscrews to them would end the feud...

...but I don't think it did. Ah, well.

Anyway, with Garstal sick in bed, Brangbane is tapped to lead the exploration northeast.

A warrior of Urox from the Rangdani appears in a rage, demanding that orlkensor Bronzebones, the outlaw you took in last season, come out to fight him. "You ahve besmirched my honor, and must pay with your life," the Uroxi cries. Orlkensor is in your clan hall. He refuses to confront the man. "I have sworn a sacred vow to Ernalda that I will not harm him. And if we fight, one of us will surely die."

Ask Orlkensor why the uroxi seeks him.

Ask the Uroxi why his honor is besmirched.

Demand that Orlkensor fight the Uroxi.

Suggest they resolve their differences peacefully.

Use force to drive the Uroxi off.

if we offend the Uroxi, we could have trouble with all of the Storm Bulls in Dragon Pass.

Oh no. Oh no!

Neither man is about to waver.

Stupud bully.

"A found sword is a friend. A falling rock is an enemy, even to itself."