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Part 378: 1359: Chief's Daughter Kidnapped

Fine, whatever. I'll toss this jerk out of our tula, show him what we think of losers who upset our geese.

Five weaponthanes! Argh! I wish I could just unleash the queen on this useless twit so bad.

We don't expect more from the horsespawn.

Orlaront has been sent east to complete our mapping project.

Dammit! I didn't send Brangbane anywhere NEAR skyfall lake. The Cragspider's lands clearly extend over a wide area.

Groveling seems to work.

Leaving Cragy alone, Brangbane rounds up a few good men and heads off in a new direction.

Blue Jay warriors kidnap Arkilla, daughter of the chief, and take her back to their tula.

Hire mercenaries to rescue Arkilla.

Make peace with the Blue Jay clan.

Ransom her.

Send a war party to rescue Arkilla.

Take no action.

My daughter! We must get her back!

The proper ransom would be 5 cows, but, because we are feuding with the Blue Jays, we can expect them to ask far more than that.

If they are allowed to keep her, we will be remembered for generations as fools and cowards.

Even if the Blue jays demand an outrageous ransom, it will be cheaper to pay them than to hire mercenaries.

We can afford to pay a ransom, or hire mercenaries.

Whatever we do will be the wrong thing.

I wonder which way the voting will turn!