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Part 384: 1359: Jenestni Peace Summit

The godquest was a failure, but Queen Angry is safe, and that's all that really matters. Also, news about a noble... we can talk more about him after we deal with this here decision.

Anyway, Korstardos bears news from his latest diplomatic mission.

Korstardos has presented your gifts to the Jenestni clan, and extended an offer of peace. The Jenestni seem uncomfortable at accepting such a large number of gifts, but do not give them back. Hengall, their chief, is reserved. Heorl, the clan trader, seems receptive. Their ranking weaponthane Rastorlanth, on the other hand, clearly imagines himself striking you down on the field of battle.

Arrange for a noble male of your clan to marry a noble girl of theirs, and vice versa.

Offer them wealth.

Offer to lend support to a ritual of their choice.

Offer them a treasure.

Offer to sponsor them for membership in your tribe.

Man, we had offered peace to the Jenestni? I don't remember this at all. What was I thinking last year?

E: Whoop! Almost forgot!

Seven cows would be a minimum. Fifty cows would be good. A hundred would be excellent.