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Part 386: 1360: Crazy Wine

So starts the year 1960! We've been rocking the pass for thirty years now. We have full grown adult members of the tribe who have never left our lands, who know nothing about our homelands. This is a grand accomplishment, and we should memorialize this milestone.

But first, we should take the cows back that those Squat Oak stole.

That's probably all the cows we actually had room for, honestly. They're standing three deep to all fit in our fields.

It's official... like Fedarkos always said, our lands are too overgrown with trees. To compensate, I've had half our woods cut down to make room for agriculture. I'll get to look forward to a message every four months how we don't have enough farmers. Don't worry, I've stopped posting them in the thread--all they mean is that our farmers are at maximum productivity.

A quick check of our mercantile status shows there's only one nearby clan we're not trading partners with. Granted, the Black Rocks are thralls, paying us cows every year to fend off our terrible armies. Maybe they want to buy our goods and trades! And if they don't, we can always invade again.

Korstardos leads a smallish expedition (by our standards, anyway) to see if they have any money they aren't using.

There is something wrong with a shipment of wine you got in a trade from the Turtles. It has driven some of the people who drank it into a frenzy. They've trampled the crops, and some of them have wounded others in their feverish state. Some say that bad spirits were seen hovering over those affected by this madness.

Demand compensation from the Turtles.

Pour out the remaining crazy wine.

Sacrifice to the gods for protection from bad spirits.

Send for shamans to exorcise bad spirits.

Use trickster magic to send the spirits elsewhere.

Our relations with the Turtles are good. They will do us justice.

Our damages equal 40 cows.

You can never find a shaman when you need one.

The Turtles are no fighters.

Our own magic is strong. We should sacrifice to the gods -- but not Eurmal, who never solves a problem without causing more trouble.

I can send the spirits elsewhere.