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Part 395: Uralda's Blessing: Part I

A sad story, but the strong and rich run roughshod over the poor and weak. Were this not so, why would anyone bother gaining wealth or power?

Pouring misfortune upon misfortune, the new chief of the Apples appears to be a mad woman who defies the gods and never sleeps. The tribal moots should be interesting.

The Zenthorings may have the largest force of horses among the Orlanthi...

...but horses are no match for our collection of magical geegaws.

A few fall in combat, but the blood shed by the Zenthorings will enrich our fields thanks to the Earth Blood ritual.

It's the last month of the year, so it's time for our annual Heroquest. Looks like we've done eight of the nine available quests--so only one remains.

And only one woman can be trusted to do it.

Risky? Foolish? Suicidal? Maybe. But Umathkar will not allow the clan to give up so close to their goals. No quest is too daunting for the Garstali! There comes a time when a woman must lay down the sword... and pick up the cow mask.

The people have gathered their magic to help propel Umathkar into the place of the gods, with the assistance of 112 worshipers from the tribe. Umathkar is not a worshiper of Uralda, but people hoped she could succeed anyway.

Uralda's Blessing tells the story of the Cow Mother, and how she came to protect her four-legged people by sheltering them among the two-legged people of Ernalda's clan. What benefit do you seek from this Heroquest?

Make the cows more valuable.

Gain powers of persuasion over bulls and bull-headed people.

Gain a herd of cows.

Make the cows healthier.

Protect the cows from bad fortune.

Increase Umathkar's cow knowledge.

Increase the cow knowledge of the people.

Gain a  stupid and useless  magical cow  figurine .

The legends may be of some small help.