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Part 402: 1361: Suprise! Women Troubles.

Love the avatar, Mr. Cube.

Yeah, yeah, piss off. We have no room for poor people in our clan!

Between this and the Wergild, it's clear we're rapidly becoming a fairly libertarian society. Except for all the social services and guaranteed healthcare. Also, the vast majority of our annual expenditures goes towards maintaining a huge number of elaborate temples. Oh, and we have diplomatic relations with a magic talking fox.

Tribe Garstali is really weird.

They heard that we just lost a lot of our army, I suppose. Their plan might have worked if their own army wasn't so tiny.

Good lord! Did... did we just lose our future general?

Close one!

Anyway, the battle was a rousing success, even with our two best combatants in the temple to Chalana Arroy.

It's been a while since we've had a feast, so I throw one to keep us on good terms with the neighbors.

A delegation of the clan's prominent men complain to the ring that their rights are not being respected. "The women have grown ill-tempered and insulting. They claim that Vinga is as great a god as Orlanth. Something must be done to curb their improper behavior."

Hold a feast in honor of the men.

Sacrifice to male ancestors.

Scold the women of their improper behavior.

"This is not a matter for the ring."

Remove Garstal from the ring.

Urge Garstal to curb his criticism of the women.

Women should show proper respect for men.

Garstal is always causing trouble! When was the last time he gave good advice?

This is a mere distraction. We must increase our patrols, to fend off attacks by the treacherous elves!

To love a false man is like falling in a deep well, but women are treacherous, too.

They are right! The women have committed gross offenses against the men!