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Part 403: 1361: Voskandora Returned

Well, that's that. Even with the queen in a sick bed, Garstal has to admit that, yes, Vinga is as great a god as Orlanth, at least from a purely gameplay perspective.

Also, I realized that the feast I threw earlier didn't include invitations to our neighbors, so I threw a second enormous feast to make up for that. It's terribly convenient, being rich.

We're a bit short on soldiers at the moment because of the big split, so I've ordered some more weaponthanes promoted from the ranks of the carls.

Orlgandi, a warrior of the Squat Oak clan, comes bearing "something you may have been looking for." He refers to Voskandora, the young daughter of one of your weaponthanes. "She came to our clan claiming to be an orphan, insisting that we adopt her, so that she could grow up to be a mighty warrior. We recognized your clan insignia, and reckoned that her story could stand to be checked. That's when she started the tantrum she's been throwing the whole way over here."

Ask Orlgandi if his clan wants to adopt her.

Tell orlgandi that you owe his clan a favor.

Convince Voskandora that your clan produces great warriors, too.

Scold Voskandora for embarrassing the clan.

"This is not a matter for the ring."

We must show our gratitude to Orlgandi.

Scold the impertinent brat!

This child's unknowing words have brought shame upon our warriors.

She does not embarrass us. We embarrass ourselves, by fretting over such a minor matter.