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Part 404: Uralda's Blessing: Part I

Well, that's right decent of him.

Lacking much of anything better to do, I've sent Enent to the west during the last month of the Dark season. I hope she doesn't slip on the ice and break a brittle old woman hip.

Our recent tribe splintering reminds me of another group that split off from us and gave us land. I think we're due some rent by now.

We took an unusually large number of casualties (some) because the Anmangarn had a much larger army than we're used to seeing on the field of battle. At least it was still profitable.

Oooh, we'll have to decide what to do with them next year. We're not feuding with them--yet. But we surely will be if we pound them into obsolescence. But now is the final month of the Storm season--which means it is time.

This time... this time will be different!

Umathkar goes back to an ancient time, a time before Umath, before Yelm, and long before Orlanth. Everything is good. There is good pasture land, and Umathkar's four-legged people eat well. But not everyone is well-fed. Two-legged people come and beg Umathkar's bulls foe help. "We have found this thing called hunger, and would like your bulls to chase it away," they say.

Encourage the bulls to chase the two-legs away.

Encourage the bulls to help the two-legs.

Find a high place and watch the two-legs when they leave.

Let the bulls chase the two-legs away.

Promise the two-legs that you will help them later.

Prepare to be attacked by biting things.

Sacrifice cows, to lend Umathkar strength.

The legends may be of some small help. Seriously. The legends. Read the legends, you raucous band of semi-literate chimps.