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Part 413: Uralda's Blessing: Finale

Queen Angry does it again! On her third try!

Well, good enough is good enough, as they say. We've now completed every heroquest. I'm sure the endgame will start any year now!

Any... any year now.

Your explorers find an encampment of the cruel nomads you call the Horse-Spawn, and come back to tell the rest of the clan about it. They report seeing a magnificent horse, one that seemed so big and powerful it must be magic. The warrior Ernaldinni is excited by their words, and says that you should organize a war party to capture the magical steed.

Convince the people that sending a party would be unwise.

Recruit warriors from other clans to join the party.

Reject Ernaldinni's suggestion.

Seek the blessing of th gods before sending a party.
Don't forget to name a god!

Send a party to capture the steed.

There is no point to seeking outside warriors; none of our neighbors wishes to see us succeed.

The leader of this party must be good with animals; it is no good to capture a horse that wants to stay put.

We need the favor of the gods in order to have a hope of succeeding against the Horse-Spawn.

The Horse-Spawn claim to be descended from centaurs, and kin to horses.