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Part 416: 1361: Sacred Time

Doomclown posted:

Was it a co-op or competitive game?

Clearly the players are ring members, working together to make a strong tribe. The winner, however, is the ring member who winds up chief when the kingdom is founded. I could see individual ring members squandering village resources to please special interest groups. But then we'd have a clan ring of jerks setting fire to things to make their rivals look bad... hmm.

Anyway, sorry about disappearing for a while there--big, scary calculus physics test. The good news for you gentlemen is that Lent has started, so I'll be updating the LP more regularly as an act of devotion. Look forwards to more positive Christian values up through Easter! All this theft, murder, and arson was bad for your souls.

I love that prophecy.

Anyway, with Umathkar wounded from all the festering bite marks, she's unable to help the clan spend magic, which means we can only spend one magic on war.

Poor Randalyar. Was I the only one who really liked him? He was a terrible pacifist, but a fine magician. His death means the Kuchulanni official magician is now Jenesta (another character I suspect only I like), and the highest ranking worshiper of Chalana Arroy is this new kid, Orlev.

We've completed all nine heroquests, though, so the endgame will be arriving ANY GODDAMN MINUTE NOW. For now, let's replace our fallen brother. I've taken the liberty to select three of the more exceptional nobles for your selecting pleasure.

Who will fill slot # 6 on the clan ring?

Terasarin has been being groomed as a potential general since he caught the eye of Umathkar in a battle against the Blue Jays nine years ago. Having journied to the realm of the gods and back, he is the strongest male warrior in the tribe, let alone the clan, and his rugged good looks have only improved as he grew older. However, the magic, horses, gold, and women that have practically fallen into his hands have left him short tempered and given to entitlement. He responded to the news of Randalyar's death with a cheer, and tried to move into the healer's vacated stead before the funeral rites were completed.

As a follower of Elmal Horsefriend, he would bring more divine diversity to the ring. Having a follower of Elmal on the ring would probably please the Badger clan.

Tarkala is a gloomy youth, unlucky in war and in love. His androgenous looks and gloomy nature make him unpopular among the tribe, and so he spent most of his time out in the fields or tending to the herds. As a result, she has, without receiving any special training, taught herself more about the herds and the wild game in the woods than anyone else knows, as well as a great deal about the crops. Hunting is almost a dead art among the Kuchulainn, and Tarkala is perhaps the last remaining serious hunter they have.

Tarkala worships Ernalda, the earth mother. Jenesta, clan magician, also worships Ernalda, so this would slightly lower the amount of magic the Kuchulainni receive... not that they are exactly hard up for mystic power.

Orlev never thought he would serve on the ring. He never thought anyone would look up to him. Although he is in a noble family, he never thought it would matter much. He follows the goddess of healing, Chalana Arroy, but he never thought he'd be called upon to perform healing rituals. Whenever he is asked to put out serious effort for the clan, he has a decent chance of slipping off the first time no one's watching him and running off into the Barley, to eat some of the strange herbs the old master of the crops, Fedarkos, taught him about when he was young. Although he knows more about plants than anyone else available, when asked about them he simply shrugs, shifts nervously from foot to foot, and mumbles something about putting down traps to keep the elves and trolls out of the silo.

He follows Chalana Arroy, and as luck would have it, the Chalana Arroy member of the ring just stepped down. Having him on the ring would allow the clan to spend more magic on healing, and to suffer fewer injuries and illnesses in general.