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Part 428: Ortossi and Farnan

Keldulas posted:

... I also find it funny how we don't really have a great Plants person either... though that's not really urgent given the current food stock.

Sure we do! Just not on the ring. In fact, we got a really nice plant guy some time this year, after we stuck Terasarin on the ring.

Dude looks a lot like new Ortossi, to be honest.

Farnan understands the importance of balancing Rye, Barley, and Wheat to fit his clan's specific needs.

Ortossi has left the ratio at 35/50/15 because that's what they started on and he's afraid to break it.

Farnan has rearranged his fields to allow him to grow the Rangdani's spices without wasting the efforts of his fellow cottars.

Ortossi has dug up the spices in order to grow more of the, 'secret barley,' which he smokes behind his stead.