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Part 431: 1363: Ortossi and the Elves

They apparently count as two Weaponthanes. I'm not sure if there's a follow up to this event, but they sure left themselves open to one.

A small gift has made all these silly rumors about a curse disappear.

Horse Spawn attack...

Horse Spawn leave.

Of course, we can't let the Black Rock clan go unpunished after stirring up trouble among the Garstali!

I hope they learned their lesson. Geeze, how weak. Is there nothing in Dragon Pass that can stop the Kuchulainni war machine?

Weaponthanes of your clan return form a sudden trip into the woods, dragging with them three captured elves, one of whom is severely wounded. The older members of the clan look to Ortossi for explanation, remembering a similar situation many years ago.

Ortossi exults in this great victory. He sent the weaponthanes on the mission. "Now, finally, we shall have our final confrontation with the accursed elves! They will come here to resuce the hostages, and then we shall burn them all, as if they were nothing more than dry twigs!"

Prepare for an elf attack.

Release the elves.

Remove Ortossi from the ring, and release the elves.

Scold Ortossi and release the elves.

Send a delegation to the elf camp to negotiate ransom for the prisoners.

Whatever else we do, we had better bolster our defenses and hire more weaponthanes. The Aldryami won't take this act lightly.

Ortossi is popular. We must convince him that he is wrong, and we are right.

Elves have many magical herbs to trade; some of these herbs have healing properties.

Curse you all! You're talking about me as if I'm not even here! It's not the first time one of us has done something independently of the ring! The important thing is this: elves must die!

The elves will cause our fields to become overgrown with trees! They'll plant things inside us, which will burst forth through our skin!