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Part 440: 1363: Ancestral Spirits

With our cows suitably enchanted, it's time for us to focus on the business of the season.

That season is fire, so the business is killing dozens of people who don't like us enough.

The Tree Brothers want a fight, do they?

I'm not entirely sure who they are, but they sure can fight. We took our cows back, with interest, but so few of them were butchered!

Looks like the Black Rocks are off our beating list. Fortunately, the Tree Brothers are on it now.

The traders with the tinned dwarf food are back, so I just sent them to sell 'em to the Black Rock.

Aaaand... sacrifice to the gods, I guess? Bless crops improves our crop yield--an entirely positive step, seeing as how we have more children than adults at this point.

Spirits of our most noble ancestors appear in the clan hall, accompanied by ancestral spirits from other clans with in our tribe. "You may not realize it, but you are poised to do great honor to this clan and the clans of this tribe. We sense a difference in the air, a change in the way the grasses wave, new omens in the gathering clouds." They say that we must remember that not all enemies are forever. "Don't be afraidof new things. If you succeed in fulfilling your destiny, you will bring renown upon us all. We offer you a blessing to aid you on this path."

Ask for a blessing on our cattle.

Ask for a blessing on our trade goods.

Ask for magical blessings.

Ask for a blessing on our queen.

Thank them and let them decide which blessing they will grace us with.

It is never easy to do new things. If I am to lead the tribe to greatness, I could use more wisdom.

The queen is wise enough, ask for a practical blessing.

We have healthy, ample herds, though more cows never hurt a tribe.

Oh please, wisdom, wisdom, wisdom -- for our illustrious queen. She will need it.