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Part 441: 1363: Garstal's Duel

I don't THINK those stats are any higher? Maybe wisdom just means she'll give better advice. Or it will give bonuses to the events ahead. Or something.

This new shrine to Ernalda (more of a patch of dirt, honestly. But special dirt!) will maintain the Bless Crops miracle for us. Good, given that we've got staffing issues.

After we so graciously allowed them to surrender, only paying a small annual tribute to us? Some people are such jerks.

Rastorn, a thane of the Tree Brother clan, comes to complain that he was insulted by a member of your clan ring. "Garstal dined at our clan hall, and spend the entire night insulting me! He waved his bare buttocks in my face, touched my wife in an improper manner, and spit chewed food in my face! Because he is a member of your ring, my clan considers any insult made by him to be an insult made by your entire clan. Unless you punish him, there shall be a war between our clans."

Convince Rastoron not to take Garstal's insults so seriously.

Outlaw Garstal.

Remove Garstal from the ring.

Suggest that Rastoron duel Garstal.

"Garstal was right to ridicule you."

A duel will make things worse.

I can convince Rastoron that a trickster's insults should not be taken as seriously as those delivered by a normal Orlanthi.

The people love Garstal, but do not want a feud.

Eurmal's japes often made things worse. Once, for example, he helped the dwarves kill may elves with the thing called Death, and he did it for a laugh.

We will not think Garstal's japes are so funny if they lead to a feud with the mighty Tree Brothers.

Of course I was right to ridicule him.