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Part 445: 1365: Boundary Stones

It seems Orlaront is a dab hand with the quill, which puts him a step above Arnbord already.

Anyway, there's only one way to spend the fire season--killin' folk.

That's hardly killin' folk at all! Argh. I'm really looking for suggestions as to what to do with all these damn kids, they're really cramping my style.

Kurash, a small stead-holder, accuses Kagradus, his neighbor from the Anmangarn clan, of moving the boundary stones between their pastures. Kagradus denies this, and complains that Kurash is trying to use the clan to steal from him.

Offer Kagradus a cow if he drops his claim.

Send an emissary to the Anmangarni.

Tell Kurash to drop his claim.

Tell them to resolve the dispute by arm-wrestling.

Threaten Kagradus to drop his claim.

Our men may be willing to fight against tough odds, but not for the sake of a few misplaced boundary stones.

Both Kurash and Kragdus are certain they are right.

It is difficult to say for certain, but something tells me that Kurash's claim is just.

As King Heort once said, "Sometimes it is better to simply give them a cow."

Once there was a boundary dispute between Barntar and Elmal. Eurmal solved the problem by getting drunk and moving all the boundary stones in the valley.