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Part 452: 1366: Red Moon Rising

A happy ending for everyone who's womb will not run dry and barren like the desert sands!

Anyway, there was some griping about there not being an Issarite on the clan ring, so I decided to see what nobles were available. There aren't many! I think we have about fifteen nobles total? No followers of Issaries, but we DO have this remarkable gentleman...

While his stats are... well, bad, he'll give advice as a follower of the god of death, Humakt. I'd have loved to have gotten him ten years ago, back when we had some empty slots on the ring filled by random joke nobles, but even now he's something to consider.

The shrine to Elmal will maintain the Sun ritual, which will make our crops more fecund. The protection ritual shields us against spirits, like the one Barkman warned us would invade one of our steads.

Normally, good Orlanthi try to avoid looking at the chaotic red moon that hangs in the northern sky. But one night your holy people notice that great, black scars have appeared on its surface. This means something of great import, surely.

Do nothing; the moon is not our concern.

Increase patrols.

Sacrifice to Urox, foe of Chaos.

Use magical divination to understand what is happening.

Warn nearby clans of supernatural menace.

This is frightening, but perhaps it gives us a chance to patch relations with our neighbors.

I heard Urox stomping in the night, asking to be unleashed against the enemy.

The moon is an invader, its light is not pure

There's a proberb about the moon that seems appropriate, but I can't quite remember it.

What goes up, must come down.