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Part 453: 1366: Asking Bout Elmal

Our sacrifices to Urox might help us, or they might not.

Regardless, it's Fire season, so it's time for us to face our white whale.

With the leadership of the new guy, the attack goes perfectly! Congratulations and silver rings all round.

They immediately attempt to retaliate...

...and we hand their tails to them again! Their horsemen are useless when confronted with our wooden stake fortifications and the Bullroarer, and without leadership their men are no match for us. We're back on top, best in the pass!

Time to show those Black Rocks how foolish they were for defying our rule.

Oh, come on.

During the earth season, some simple stone statues are constructed to honor our ancestors.

I also try to recruit more laborers for our fields.

Markalor, a thane of the Blackrock clan, comes to ask you if you know the details of the, "Elmal guards the stead" story, and if you will share them with his clan. "We wish to improve our ability to move about in the realm of the gods," he says. He reminds you that you owe his clan a favor.

Just make up the details.

Offer him details of a different story instead.

Tell him what he wants to know.

"We don't know those details."

"We know, but we're not going to tell you."

They don't belong to our tribe, and their chief is not known to be especially pious. It would do us no harm to refuse them.

We owe them a favor, but need not grant explicitly the favor they request.

Better to tell them stories than to give them cows.

Let me tell, let me tell! I will spin a yarn with made-up details and they'll never know the difference.

100Dachshunds posted:

Yesss, put the Humakti on. I'd love to see what advice he gives.

Peel posted:

Put Humakt Man on the ring, he sounds fun.

Keldulas posted:

And lets stick that Humakt on the ring right away it'll be nice to actually see a different god on there.

Listen up, you bunch of Tea Party equivilants. You want to get something, you have to give something up. I can't just toss Heorl on the ring, because the ring is full. Do you want to get rid of Beardo Prime, the Ninja Clown, Gallant, Peter Jackson, Sarah Palin, Terrorsaurus, or Queen Angry? Maybe we should tell Heorl to take a hike.

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