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Part 476: 1369: Forming a Town: Part Finale

The craftsmen gift us with 360 goods from Heortland. Add 'em to the pile, gentlemen, we're rich! Rich! Ahahahahahaha!

The Tree Brothers accept our gift of twenty five horses, and then ask why we should make peace with us.

They find my offer of a single largely useless geegaw acceptable.

All this talk of wealth has reminded me to update the crafter logs, and I recruit an additional 13 laborers to make more beautiful goods for our money bin.


Garstaligrad, the town that you built with the cooperation of the Colymar and Dundealos tribes, is now constructed and readyfor inaugural ceremonies. The people of the various tribes are in a celebratory mood.

Embark on the Issaries the Conciliator heroquest.

Give gifts to the Colymar and Dundealos kings.

Let the other kings decide how to celebrate.

Ritually dedicate the town to Issaries.

Throw a feast for everyone who helped build the town.

When gifting kings, gift equally, for kings are jealous creatures.

We must make certain that the men behave properly in this new town, and do not bring it to ruin.

We must be vigilant, or we will find the town infested by undead buskers.

Feasting everyone who helped us build the town will cost us fifty cows.

If we dedicate the town ot Issaries, he will grant us luck, and the esteem of others.

We must make sure that the women do not ruin this fair town with their offensive behavior and outlandish ways.