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Part 485: 1370: Clan-strife

So we have decided to agree to the Wyter's request, and hide the black spear deep in the wilderness.

No confirmation message, apparently. We do have favorable trade relations with the Varmandi now, which is pretty nice.

Also, I have learned a new miracle, which reduces the amount of food that is lost each year. This isn't such a big deal now that we've brought the child to adult ratio under control, but I might build a temple to Odayla regardless.

The clans in your tribe are fighting, and they're fighting over whether your queen is properly fulfilling her duties. Some of the clans are fierce supporters of Queen Umathkar, or at least of the Orlanthi virtues of supporting chosen leaders. Others feel that the Queen has failed to uphold the other Orlanthi virtues of pride, courage, and generosity. No one has been seriously hurt in the fighting so far. The fights aren't organized, and are usually started by one group or the other getting drunk and setting off in search of trouble.

Announce a heroquest.

Give gifts to all the clans.

Give gifts to the dissatisfied clans.

Tell the chiefs of the dissatisfied clans to reign in their warriors, or else.

"There is nothing wrong with a little friendly fighting."

Propose a war to unite the clans.

There is a small chance that these passions will defuse on their own, but a quest is more likely to reconcile these angry hearts.

They posture and complain, but must know that a genuine fight with the loyal clans would do them no good.

A successful heroquest could quell the complainers and give heart to the loyal clans.

Kings are measured by their generosity, but we are poor. We must give only what we absolutely need to give.

Each clan will contribute to the quest, and, if we succeed, the tribe will become some thing greater than the clans in it.

Let's provoke the trolls. That'll teach those nasty weaponthanes to whine to the Queen!