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Part 489: 1371: Seekers of the Spear

And so the problem is finally resolved, and we will never hear about it again.

I managed to delete the magic expenditure screen, but you all know what it looks like. Garstal is 82, Umathar is 51. We are rich, our magic is strong. The spirits gave no clear omen of the future, which worried our fortune tellers.

Sleep well while you can, Enent. Your ceaseless explorations can only continue into the next world!

I'm pretty sure this means that Garstal is the last surviving noble from the beginning of the game.

In accordance with the words of your tribal spirit, you hvae hidden the Black Spear in the wilderness, announcing that any who find it will join a new clan, the Black Spear Clan, which will be part of your tribe. That clan will forever after possess the spear. Much to your surprise, some of the weaponthanes and more adventurous farmers of your royal clan want to search for the spear and are hoping to leave the royal clan for the Black Spear Clan.

Forbid them to go.

Let them go, with your blessings.

Let them go.

"The Black Spear clan will be poor for many years."

"The royal clan is more prestigious than the Black Spear Clan."

I would rather not lose our warriors. But perhaps it must be so.

Let me talk to them. The Royal Clan is more prestigious than the Black Spear Clan.

A new clan will be poor for many years. I can persuade them to stay.

Only a few warriors want to go, but everyone wants them to have the chance to do what they want.

The Black Spear became a powerful symbol of our hatred of the Pharaoh.

We must give them our blessings, or the Black Spear clan will grow powerful and take vengeance against us.