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Part 49: 1333: Lhankpent's Story Part II

I killed it myself!

Goddammit, I'm getting tired of having you hang about the place.

Go explore the tula, and stop bothering our men. We've got our own problems.

One of your weaponthanes, Lhankpent, is back to appeal to the ring. He wants vengeance for his father. "As a child, I watched my father being burned to death by Kestald and Asborn, then of the Ardling clan. Now they are in the Zenthorings, walking free, never having had paid for my father's murder. I want my revenge upon them soon, before they die of old age."

Allow Lhankpent to pursue private vengeance against them.

Demand wergild for the slaying of Lhankpent's father.

Launch a raid against the Zethnorings.

Tell Lhankpent that this is not the proper time for vengeance.

Tell the Zethnorings to outlaw these two men.

If we raid the Zenthorings, Lhankpent will have a chance to avenge himself upon the field of battle.

The Zenthorings have already denied our case, which was weak to begin with. If Lhankpent kills them, they will have a case against us.

This is far more important to him than it is to us. Let him proceed with his revenge on his own, if we are prepared to deal with whatever results.