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King of Dragon Pass

by Mystic Mongol

Part 490: 1371: Squabbling Kings

They didn't take any children with them.

The peace of your new town is threatened by squabbling between the kings of the Colymar and Dundealos tribe. Many migrants have come from Heortland to work as artisans and traders in Garstaligrad, claiming allegiance not to any clan, but to the town itself. Since these new people belong to no tribe, the kings each claim the right to demand gifts from them. This dispute has led to fights between the thanes of the two tribes, although no serious blows have been struck -- so far.

Abandon the town to the greedy kings.

"Share gifts equally between the Colymar and Dundealos tribes."

"Share gifts equally between the three founding tribes."

"If we quarrel, a great destiny will pass us by."

"We have no right to demand gifts from the townsfolk."

"We must create a town ring to settle such disputes."

If we make new and proper laws, people all around Dragon Pass will respect our leadership.

A swift, wise solution is best. We waste time with this petty bickering.

These disputes will continue so long as there is no proper authority to govern the town.

Towns are very good for trade; we should do everything we can to protect Garstaligrad from these selseless squabbles.

Greed will attract greed. We are a ripe fruit in danger from these worms within, and ripe for plucking by those outside.

If the founding tribes quarrel, a great destiny will pass us by.

When Tragic King Errarth was felled, the Boar of Pestilence strode the streets of Errat Town, and drove the people from the city.