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Part 492: 1371: Meeting the Luminous Stallion King

It seems everyone's been getting visits from the blind prophet. I guess he's a match-maker!

Our semi-annual party in the Black Rock Tula got a little out of hand, and eventually the fire department had to be called.

Still, we decided we'd keep holding our conventions there. The neighborhood is nice, the beer is cheap, and you wouldn't want to hold a party that size anywhere you had to clean up yourself.

Saddly, the hotel closed completely. Still, we look forwards to whatever new venues they open, and anticipate throwing some parties there, too.

So much for the Feathered Queen.

It is time for Umathkar to lead a delegation to meet with the Luminous Stallion King, where she will pursue her offer of marriage to the Horse-Spawn monarch. The entire clan ring goes with her to witness the negotiations and, if need be, to defend their Queen. What is the first thing Umathkar does upon meeting the Luminous Stallion King?

Break Off Negotiations.

Offer him gifts.

Promise to stop calling his people, "Horse-Spawn."

Propose marriage.

Remind him of the good things you have done for his people.

He will not necessarily agree to this match -- first I must prove my goodwill, my sincerity, and my wealth.

We must do everything we can to curry favor before proposing marriage. It is always good to start with gifts.

Before you do anything else, promise to stop killing his people, "Horse-Spawn."

This marriage will the talk of all Dragon Pass!

This marriage will be unprecedented. But the prophets have been hinting at it. And Orlanth didn't change the world by doing what everyone before him had done.

Like any negotiation meeting, we can do any and all of the nice things before we pop the question, so this isn't so much a question of what we should do, but in what order we should do it. And how many gifts to give.