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Part 495: The Marriage Saga: Learning the Trials

Looks like a friendly start to the competition... although again, we're the only ones handing out prizes.

Accompanied by her clan ring, Umathkar proceeds to the Hidden Temple of Maran Gor, the goddess of earthquakes and the destroying earth. She requests an audience wiht its high priestess, Ferena Brooslayer. The terrifying earth crone waddles from her high seat and looks Umathkar in the eye. "The Horse-Spawn have had a rebellion, and now revere earth above the sun, so I have agreed to act as the gatekeeper of the tests, instead of seeking to destroy them. But how do I know that you are worthy to learn of the tests? Perhaps you are weak or unwise, and would be better of retiring to your tula to herd sheep."

Gift her.

Give her a treasure.

Give up on the quest.

Remind her of your good relations with the Hidden Temple.

Scold her for confusing kings with shepherds.

I know I am worthy. How can I convince her of this?

The Hidden Temple has reason to respect us, but its priestesses are truculent, and might not like it if we directly remind them of the favors they owe us.

Although Maran Gor is a frightening goddess, she is Ernalda's sister, and is not considered an enemy of our people.

Although she is a terrifying goddess, Maran Gor fought chaos with the help of her patron animals, the enormous Earthshakers.

Eurmal once looked at Maran Gor's secret parts, and his eyes rolled out upon the ground, which swallowed them up.

Because there was so much interest in a good killing earlier, I'll go back and see what would happen if I attacked the othet candidates once I get a chance to save.