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Part 497: 1371: Squatters

It's nice that we don't have to bribe our way through the entire contest.

Anyway, it was about this time last year we did our heroquest (because of the random event) so it's time to do another!

The annual heroquest went well, bringing up Umathkar's stats yet further. I had forgotten about the pain contest halfway through the heroquest, though, and the flame of our clan, the hope of our tribe, the queen candidate was badly wounded.

A quick prayer to Chalana Arroy fixes the wound, and I would like to ask all of you to pray to the scripting system to ensure that no, I didn't just ruin our end-run towards victory.

A new clan arrives in the area and claims part of your land. Like you, they left their homes in the Heortland because they cannot bear the tyrannical rule of the Pharaoh. "You have claimed more land than you need, and we have more need than land," says their chieftain, Hend. "Surely, as good Orlanthi, you will allow us to live here."

Drive them off by force.

Hold a fest for them, then ask them to go.

Give them some of your lands, if they agree to an alliance.

Offer to adopt them into your clan.

Persuade them to leave.

If we give them land, we are assured their gratitude. It would be good to have a proven ally as a neighbor.

Although we are wealthy, we will not stay that way by adopting every stray alynx that wanders into our pastures.

In the time of Vingkot, our ancestors encountered people in need, and adopted them into our clan.

There are too many weaponthanes among this ragged clan. Our carls will complain if they have to support even more people who grow nothing.

No Orlanthi owes anything to any other Orlanthi...

Feast them -- then, while they are drunk and full, draw weapons... oh, wait, that violates our vow of hospitality. Feast them, and then adopt them!