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Part 498: 1372: Formation of the Black Spear Clan

No big pile of nobles, but we do get some friendly new emotionally manipulative neighbors. It's nice to have something to do with all this land we've taken from the Black Rocks, the Blue Jays, and the Jenestni.

Again, I have forgotten to keep the screenshot of the prophecy / magic use. We got a warning from Ernalda that if we fail to learn one of her miracles, our crops would suffer greatly. This is bad, because we already have all of her miracles. Maybe I'll just cast one and hope for the best.

In any case, I skipped the sea season entirely.

Warriors from all of the tribe's clans, including yours, have found the hidden location of the Black Spear, and now join together to make the Black Spear clan. They vow allegiance to the tribe, promising to defend it with their powerful magics. 4 of our weaponthanes and a number of adventurous farmers went searching for the Black Spear, and now their families are leaving us to join the new clan.

Compose a poem in honor of the new clan.

Do nothing.

Give them cows.

Give them land.

Sacrificice to the gods to strengthen Black Spear's clan magic.

We have what they need most. Surely they will stand by us forever.

Cows die, land can be seized. A poem lasts forever.

To strengthen their clan magic would be good, but with sacrifices one can never be sure of success.

A poem isn't worth anything.