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Part 499: The Marriage Saga: The First Trial

Whoah! Early this afternoon I found out about League of Legends, so I decided to give it a try, and now it's two in the morning. Huh.

Orlaront is a much better poet than Arnbord was.

Anyway, someone was interested in the current map.

The Black Spear clan have apparently moved in with the Rangdani... just hanging out in someone's cousin's loft until they have a real apartment. Meanwhile, our new Bear Bros are to the west, having not only taken a wide swath of our land, but told us to stop using a section between their lands and ours. Greedy jerks.

Another year, another heroquest. I'm running out of stupid treasures to trade away...

...but since Umathkar's bargaining has hit heroic, I don't think I'll need to run it again.

Word reaches you that a dragon has repeatedly visited the tula of clan Anzarni of the Balmyr tribe, and laid waste to their steads with its fiery breath. When Umathkar hears the news, she jumps from her throne, exclaiming that this was the first test, which the Maran Gor cone priestess had foretold.

Engage the dragon in a riddling contest.

Stay at hime.

Tell the dragon that Umathkar is a dragon-friend.

Tell the dragon that a new time has come.

Tell the dragon tat your people have always been dragon-friends.

I must hasten to the tula of the Anzarni and meet my fate.

We have done much to enrage the dragonewts. Stay home.

Our ancestral sagas do not concern themselves with dragons, either as friends or as foes.

I'm not sure any number of warriors is enough to tame a dragon.

The more warriors we send, the more likely the dragon is to regard us as enemies.

Small dragons like this are the dreams of real dragons, the ones who are as big as mountains.

A riddling contest -- what fun!

No matter what option we choose (except the lame-o stay home) we'll have to decide if Umathkar goes alone, and if she goes with a group, how many warriors should come along.