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Part 500: The Marriage Saga: The Second Trial

Umathkar returned to the Kuchulainni with a strange story to tell. None of our elders quite knew what exactly she had accomplished here, but everyone agreed she had done it very well.

The rest of the dark season was uneventful, but when the season ended we heard about the next step in the trials.

Word reaches you that a man of brass has been seen walking about the narrowest of footpaths in the Quivini Mountains. The mysterious figure must somehow relate to the next stage of the contest.

Before leaving, conduct a divination.

Send Umathkar alone and empty-handed.

Send Umathkar with a treasure.

Send Umathkar with gifts.

Stay at home.

I must go meet this Brass Man, but not without proper preparation.

If we quit the quest now, we will lose everyone's respect.

I have heard that there are dwarfs who call themselves Brass Mostali; I bet our quarry is a dwarf. Dwarfs love treasures, and have little use for cattle.

If Umathkar is not accompanied by a cortege of mighty warriors, she will not seem like a queen at all.

Our magic is strong, so a divination will be reliable.

I have a bad feeling about this. Stay at home.

If it was a Brass Woman, we'd have reason to be worried.