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Part 59: 1335: Vampire!

stratego posted:

Can we get a run down of up coming people who may be moved the ring in the event of deaths/old age/hero quest failure?

I gueeeessss. People take so little interest on the people who are on the ring, much less the people off of it. After this update I'll just do a clan roster, shall I?

The magic is in, we do some events, and the year begins.

Once again, I decide to push the limits of human understanding, this time sending someone South by Southwest.

Didn't this guy get murdered in battle? I'm pretty sure he did.

Also, Korstardos came back already, saying he didn't even know where to begin looking for warriors. Weaksauce! I guess we'll have to recruit some more manually.

Orstalor, the young child of the carls Janerra and Gustand, disappeared from the stead. A search finds his unconscious body out in the brush. He has two puncture wounds on his neck, and has lost a great deal of blood. The people are afraid that a vampire is loose in the area.

Conduct a ritual to protect Orstalor from vampire magic.

Do nothing.

Sacrifice to Humakt for protection from the undead.

Sacrifice to Urox for protection from chaos.

Send warriors to hunt the vampire.

If this vampire preys on little boys, he should be no match for trained warriors--if we find it. We must send only a few weaponthanes, so that it does not sense our approach.

Cure the boy first, or people will be afraid of what he may become. Then, go after the vampire.

Some say that vampires are undead. Others, that they are some sort of chaos creature.

We don't even know that this is a vampire.

Also! Next month: Since Korstardos came back early, it's time for another hero quest! Our options are:

Ortossi, starring in: Orlanth and Aroka! Maybe this time he'll actually finish the story!

Korstardos, starring in: Issaries the Conciliator! A twisted tale of legal rights and ownership issues!