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Part 69: Issaries the Concilator: Part IX

Go immediately to talk to the Big-Teeth

Korstardos meets with Paratur, war leader of the Big-Teeth. Paratur says, "It has long been decreed that we sould eat the Long-Noses, for they are large and juicy and flavorful. They can eat the grasses of the plains and the leaves of the forest, but we cannot. We won't starve just to please others. We could eat you two-legs instead -- devour the villagers whose tulas you are so concerned about. But I do not think you would consider that a just solution. We cannot do as you ask, for how does one make peace with one's dinner?"

Ask the Knowing God for help.

"If I cannot make peace here, the whole world will be in big trouble."

"If you always make war on the Long-Noses, one day you will eat them all."

Leave the realm of the gods.

"You must understand that your war hurts the Digging Stick People."

The Legends may be of some small help.

How is everyone enjoying Reading Comprehension: The Game?