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Part 75: 1335: Servants of the Pharaoh

Right, one murderous kill banner stashed away. When the time comes to win a battle over vastly superior odds, we'll slap some poor sod on the back and tell him his ancestors are waiting for him.

Events for this month aren't over yet...

Southerners come to your tula, looking for the present location of the Karandoli clan. They say that they're agents of the Pharaoh, the tyrannical ruler your people fled from when they came to this land. They appear to be sorcerers; at the very least, those strange implements they carry are probably magical weapons. The implements emit a low thrumming sound, the likes of which you have never heard.

"Die now, sorcerous scum!"

"The Karandoli are our neighbors."

"The Karandoli are up in Tarsh."

"We have heard of no Karandoli."

"Why do you seek the Karandoli?"

They would not swagger in here so confidently if they had not the power to back up their bravado.

I've never heard of the Karandoli.

If they serve the Pharaoh it's unlikely they mean us -- or the Karandoli -- any good.

I have a bad feeling about those objects they carry.

Our magic is powerless against sorcery! We're all going to die!