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Part 78: 1335: Lhankpent's Story Part III

I asked for 25 cows and it looks like we got 20? In any case, that's a tidy little profit that exceeds our food income from hunting several fold.

A quick sacrifice to Barntar reveals the hidden blessing Vigor--it allows our farmers to work more farmland then they would normally be able to. Given that we HAVE far more farmland than we can farm upon, you can bet I'm going to cast the hell out of this.

And it looks like our favorite weaponthane is back to seek justice! Agains!

Lhankpent blah blah blah father blah dead fire blah murderers Kestald and Asborn, blah, members of the Ardling blah blah blah Zenthoring blah blah blah justice blah blah my parents are dead.

Take care of it yourself, you whiny little girl.

Zenthorings, give us some goddamn cows.

Zenthorings, suprirse, turns out we have swords.

Shut up, Lhankpent.

A legal suit will absolutely work.

Lahnkpent didn't have much luck when we raided the Zenthorings.

The Zenthorings have already denied our case, which was never that strong to begin with.

This is far more important to him than it is to us. Let him proceed with his revenge on his own, if we are prepared to deal with the results.

Living cows are better than dead enemies.

Bad King Urgain's nephew insulted one of his mother's cousins in another clan. Their quarrel grew to include many clans, and caused many weaponthanes on each side to die, before they ever came to blows themselves.