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by Mystic Mongol

Part 85: 1336: Malady amongst the Weaponthanes

Ortossi takes nine of our finest warriors and heads for the swamp, carrying his terrible flint blade of Orlanth and the powerful dragonewt armor. They say they won't stay gone long, which is good because we need Ortossi back when the fire season rolls around and the Jenestni need to be robbed for their delicious, delicious food.

Almost all of our goods are spent on a big, shiny new wall.

Also, some recruiting is done, which is the perfect response to all this famine.

A strange malady grips several of your weaponthanes. Each is suddenly stricken with a fit of palsy, causing them to drop their swords and heavy items. The fits arrive with no warning, and last anywhere from several minutes to a few hours. Some of the weaponthanes think they are brought on by strenuous exersize; the malady strikes most often on the clan's training ground.

Conduct a divination.

Propitiate Malia.

Sacrifice to Chalana Arroy.

Send for shamans.

Use trickster magic to divert the bad spirits.

Wait for the illness to pass.

Malia is a chaos goddess. It would be a grave offense to propitiate her.

Shamans are sometimes difficult to find, but are cheaper than Chalana Arroy, who is the busiest goddess.

We must find out who did this to us, so we can raid them!

I'll send those spirits packing!