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Part 90: 1336: Kidnapped by Zenthorings

The good news is, that's a free heroquest and a pile of weaponthanes for us! The bad news is, that's the last of our magic.

Also, events for the month aren't over, that was just exploration... thoze zany Zenthorings are up to their old tricks!

Voskandora, the daughter of thane Eonistaran, has gone missing. Eonistaran is sure that she has been kidnapped by a family from clan Zenthoring; he recently told you to reject their son Orlkarth as a suitor for Voskandora. Privately, the girl's mother, Ernaldinni, confides that she thinks Voskandora willingly ran away to meet Orlkarth.

Accept the marriage, but demand compensation from the Zenthorings.

Demand the Zenthorings return the girl.

Launch a punative raid against the Zenthorings.

Let Orlkarth marry Voskandora, if that seems to be her will.

Raid the Zenthorings to secure Voskandora.

Their forces are superior to ours.

If she was kidnapped, the Zenthorings flout our rights. If she went willingly, both Voskandora and the Zenthorings offend against us.

Deciding on marriages is the duty of the individual, not the ring.

The Zenthoring clan is a hair's breadth away from a feud with us.

One of our barley fields has begun to whisper forbidden secrets during the night.

Eonistariran is too protective of his daughter. He would have rejected a proposal from King Heort himself.