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Part 92: 1337: Hofstaring and the Dwarves


Well, crap. We have to reorganize the ring AGAIN.

Goodbye, Rana. I'll always remember the half paragraph of simplistic backstory I gave you.

The exploration party you sent to the disused mine returns to report a remarkable series of events. They fell down a hole in the shaft and found themselves in the middle of a community of Mostali, or dwarfs. (There were humans there, too, ones who acted just like dwarfs.) The underground kingdom is called Dwarf Mine. The dwarfs told your explorers that they were, "Ahead of schedule," which seemed to please them. They even gained an audience with the king of the dwarves, Isidilian. After Isidilian asked them many questions, they were allowed to leave.

Sacrifice to the gods for protection from the dwarves.

Send a trade delegation.

Send gifts to Isidilian.

Spread the news to the other clans.

Send Garstal to take treasure from them.

Dwarfs can be fearsome opponents. They have strange and powerful weapons.

The dwarfs' dead god Mostal was foe to Orlanth, because Mostal hated change, and Orlanth is the son of change.

Legend has it that the dwarfs consider generosity and trading to be heretical.

We can't be giving out cows every time we find a mountain full of crazed foreigners.

I'll go with the ring's decision on this one.