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Part 93: 1337: Thrall Traders

Sending Garstal!

Oh, wow, I'm already convinced this isn't a good idea. Unfortunately, there is no back button, so I'll just send him with three weaponthanes and call it a day.

Drat! Fortunately, half of three is apparently one.

Missing File: MoreDwarves006.pngWe'll get this as soon as we can — however it might just be gone forever, sorry! If you know where we can find it, please get in contact

The rubble runners showed up again, so I used trickster magic to send them back to the Jenestni clan.

The constant warfare had sent our crafters down to 29, so I order more crafters. Also, it turns out you have to specifically command them to use the green stone or the ivory to make goods! Hah, who knew.

Elya and her assistant, Rostakos, of the Vanstatchi, comes to offer you thralls. "These are dwarfs, who come from the underground tula called Dwarf Mine. They behaved improperly towards us, so we took them as thralls. They are hard workers, and do not complain. We need fine horses, and so will reluctantly part with them for a quartet of stallions."

Agree to the price; free the dwarfs.

Agree to the price; use them as thralls.

Decline the offer.

Offer them two stallions instead of four.

Speak out against the taking of thralls.

There is good reason to seek the favor of the dwarves. They fight without fear, and deploy bizarre and powerful weapons against their foes.

We can enthrall the dwarfs, even though we do not normally enthrall people.

Because they are foreigners, it does not matter overmuch what happens to them. But if we turn the Vanstatchi against the taking of thralls in general, our clan magic will strengthen.

It will be hard to bargain them down, but I think I can do it, and there is no harm if I fail.

Free the dwarfs, so they can go make war on their enemies, the elfs.

The dwarfs worship a god named Mostal. They try to confuse people by saying that Mostal is not a god at all, but an idea called the World Machine.