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Part 97: 1337: The Turtle Clan and the Elves

And so the elves were never heard from again.

More importantly, the Jenestni have ignored our very generous offer to give us a herd of cows once a year, and as such need to be punished. I am a little surprised at the number of weaponthanes they have, given that we just killed four and sent six more to the temples of Chalana Arroy.

Hot damn!

They haven't left the pass, so we need to keep pounding on them or we risk drawing their ire in the future.

The wrath of the Kuchilanni is limitless in its reach.

I've tossed Angorri back on the ring. His sweetheart may be dead, but at least he is a capable replacement.

I really wish we had at least one war god follower available to us. Can someone remind me where the cragspider is? It's great for getting rid of all the useless nobles so fresh new faces appear on the reorganize screen.

Tarkalor, a member of the turtle clan, comes to you seeking aid. "Plant people -- the elves -- have descended on our tula, and demand the right to worship at our shrine to Flamal. They will harm us if we refuse, they say. But we do not want our shrine strengthening the deadly magic of the forest folk."

Convince the turtle to allow limited use of their temple by the elves.

Do nothing.

Find elves and tell them you support their demands.

Offer the elves compensation instead of temple rights.

Send a war party to attack the petitioning elves.

The elves are terrifying opponents. If we wish to defeat them, we need a war leader strong in both combat and magic.

We are not obliged to help.

Helping the turtles will strengthen our relations with them.

The elves hate us. We couldn't convince them that the sky is blue.

Flamal, who was killed and then came back, loves elves more than us. If we harm the elves, our fertility will suffer. If we raid during the Earth season, our crops will suffer.

This is the moment we've been waiting for. The final reckoning. The time when all the elves die!

Flamal is a male fertility deity, unlike all those weeping earth goddesses. We must honor his wishes.