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by Blackbelt Boltman

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Original Thread: Grab your black coat and sea salt ice cream, it's Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

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If you've never played a Kingdom Hearts game before, I suggest first checking out this SSLP of KH by mistaya (incomplete as of now) or this VLP of it by First Aid Kite, and then this SSLP of Chain of Memories, also by mistaya.

Please tag Kingdom Hearts spoilers (apart from the needed background information I provide)

If you've ever wondered what if would be like if Final Fantasy was crossed with Disney, you probably love Kingdom Hearts. It's a series known for its action/platforming, insanely convoluted plot, and surplus of games with goofy titles. Though there are only two numbered games, the rest have all had varying degrees of importance to the overall plot, ranging from completely vital (Chain of Memories and Birth By Sleep) to skippable (this game, and also Re:Coded)

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (read Three-Five-Eight Days Over Two) was released in May 2009 in Japan, and later that year in NA/Europe/Australia. Reviews were generally positive, praising the graphics and battle mechanics, but docking points for the completely retarded and confusing plot. This game answers all the questions no one asked about the shit most people didn't care about in Kingdom Hearts II. While I agree that the battle mechanics are pretty great, the plot is one of the worst in the series and this game can easily be skipped. It doesn't even have an unlockable secret movie, and the reward for getting 100% is kinda shit.

And that is why I am doing this LP; I will suffer through this game so those of you with a casual interest in the series can see what happens without having to slog through a bunch of emo shit. I really love this series, but this game specifically can be particularly painful at times. You can trust me on this; I have beaten every KH game on the hardest difficulty, including the Final Mixes. (except Birth By Sleep Final Mix)

The game is mission based. You are given the option to complete a handful of missions in each section of the game. Completing all of them rewards you with extra swag, and is recommended. There are also unlockable mission challenges, the rewards of which are incredibly useful, so I will be doing them as early as I possibly can. There is also a Mission Mode, where you can replay missions as any of 19 playable characters, including every member of Organization XIII. These give you mission crowns, which also unlock awesome rewards. They will be in bonus videos, but I will let people vote on which Org member I will play as.

And now, some questions you might have:

What kind of LP will this be?
This will be a VLP and a mostly 100% run. I am going to fully complete all 93 missions, and ATTEMPT to complete all the challenges. I cannot get all the Mission crowns, because that involves playing multiplayer with another live human being which I cannot do due to playing this on an emulator (I own the game, of course) but the reward is pretty dumb so it isn't a big deal. I will also be transcribing Roxas's diary entries with each update; since they contain spoilers about the update sometimes, they will always be in spoiler tags.

What's this game about?
Kingdom Hearts Wiki has a good summary:


Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (read "Kingdom Hearts Three-Five-Eight Days over Two") is an RPG developed by Square Enix for the Nintendo DS, with aid from h.a.n.d. It focuses on the life of Roxas between the end of Kingdom Hearts and the beginning of Kingdom Hearts II, exploring the time from Roxas's creation until  his confrontation with Riku that leads to his placement in the simulated Twilight Town. 

I spoilered the last bit for anyone who hasn't played the prologue of KHII. The end of this game is the beginning of Kingdom Hearts II. That is not a spoiler, however the details of it everything leading up to it IS, so please, do not spoil it.

What the hell is up with the title?
It refers to the fact that this game takes place over 358 days. The Over Two part refers to the two people Roxas spends most of his days with.

Where in the TOTALLY CANON KINGDOM HEARTS TIMELINE does this game take place?
As stated earlier, it begins right before the end of Kingdom Hearts and fills the gap between it and Kingdom Hearts II. It is meant to show the other side of the story, the goings on of the Organization during Chain of Memories and after. Unfortunately, that side of the story is really boring and pretty stupid.

Do you even like this game?
I do, but only really for the gameplay. The plot is bad, although important to the overarching plot, and since I am a huge fan of the series I can appreciate it for what it is.

Will you be having guests for videos?
Absolutely, if you want to guest give me your Skype name and we can rip on this game together.

Without further ado, here is the first update!

PART 1: Introductory Cutscenes and First Mission

Pictured: Axel apparently hasn't got the definition of 'mission' memorized
Viddler Polsy/Blip Download


The home of the Nobodies, a world made up of the coalesced remains of worlds consumed by darkness. Their base of operations, The Castle That Never Was, floats ominously over Dark City. Also home to an almost endless supply of Heartless.

A torn teetering on the edge between Light and Darkness. As the name suggest, the sun always stays in the same position in the sky. The birthplace of Roxas, and a world that he returns to many times.

(reminder: don't read diary entries until after you've watched the video)
Roxas's Diary, Day 7: Entry 1
Roxas's Diary, Day 8: Entry 2


(I re-uploaded the first three videos at higher quality)

Pesky Splinter made this Bingo game, play along at home!

Days 7-8: Introductory Cutscene and First MissionViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Days 9-11: Some More Tutorial BullshitViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Days 12-13: End of the Tutorial MissionsViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Days 14-17: The First Four MissionsViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Days 22-24: Xion SpeaksViddlerPolsy/blipDownload
(Recommended Viewing: Mission Mode 1)
Days 25-50: Roxas's Long NapViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload

This is the point where you need to read mistaya's Chain of Memories lp since those events happened during the part where Roxas was blacked out!

Days 51-71: Fuck Organization Emblems and Fire PlantsViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
(Recommended Viewing: Challenges 1 and Mission Mode 2)
Days 71-73: Lots of Block PushingViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Days 74-76: Xion's backViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Days 77-79: Pete Still SucksViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
(Recommended Viewing: Challenges 2 and Mission Mode 3)
Days 94-96: How Xion Got Her Groove BackViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Days 97-100: Ice Cubes Are JerksViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
(Recommended Viewing: Challenges 3 and Mission Mode 4)
Days 117-118: What the fuck is a Vacation?ViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Days 119- 122: Xaldin has an Unhealthy Obsession with the BeastViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Days 149-151: Xion and the No Good, Very Bad DayViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
(Recommended Viewing: Challenges 4 and Mission Mode 5)
Days 152-156: Roxas in WonderlandViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
(Recommended Viewing: Mission Mode 6)
Days 171-172: AGNOSTX LIVES!ViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Days 173-174: Learning How To FlyViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Days 175-176: Lock, Shock, and two smoking BarrelsViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Days 193-195: Birth of a Thousand Fan FictionsViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Days 196-224: What the heck is a Naminé?ViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
(Recommended Viewing: Challenges 5 and Mission Mode 7)
Days 225-226: Ghostbustin'ViddlerPolsy/blipDownload
Days 227-255: How Not To Be SeenViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
(Recommended Viewing: Mission Mode 8)
Days 256-258: Where have all the Heartless gone?ViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Days 276-278: Desperately Seeking XionViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Days 279-280: A Poorly Named, Rehashed BossViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
(Recommended Viewing: Challenges 6 and Mission Mode 9)
Days 296-297: An Imposter Appears!ViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Days 298-300: The Plot Thickens!ViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
(Recommended Viewing: Mission Mode 10)
Days 301-302: Only 56 Shopping Days LeftViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Days 303-304: The Much Anticipated/Loathed Boss of NeverlandViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
(Recommended Viewing: Mission Mode 11)
Days 321-323: Axel Spills the BeansViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Days 324-326: Xaldin Continues to Have an Unhealthy Obsession With the BeastViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
(Recommended Viewing: Challenges 7 and Mission Mode 12)
Days 352-353: Xion Makes Her ChoiceViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Days 354-356: Roxas's Grand ExitViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Days 357-358: BelieveViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload

Mission Mode Vids:
Mission Mode 1: Xaldin Does Missions 00, 07-10ViddlerPolsy/blipDownload
Mission Mode 2: Luxord Does Missions 11-14ViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Mission Mode 3: Lexaeus Does Missions 16-20ViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Mission Mode 4: Larxene Does Missions 21, 22, 24, 25ViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Mission Mode 5: Marluxia Does Missions 26, 28-31ViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Mission Mode 6: Xemnas Does Missions 32-35, 37ViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Mission Mode 7: Axel Does Missions 39-42ViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Mission Mode 8: Vexen Does Missions 43-46ViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Mission Mode 9: Demyx Does Missions 47, 49, 50, 53ViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Mission Mode 10: Zexion Does Missions 51, 52, 54, 55ViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Mission Mode 11: Xigbar Does Missions 56-59ViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Mission Mode 12: Xion does Missions 60-63ViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload

Challenge Vids:
Challenges Part 1ViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Challenges Part 2ViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Challenges Part 3ViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Challenges Part 4ViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Challenges Part 5ViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Challenges Part 6ViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Challenges Part 7ViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload

Bonus Videos:
Bonus 1: Post-Endgame content and Fully completing every MissionViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Bonus 2: Challenges and Goofy does Missions 48, 64, 65, 67ViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Bonus 3: Challenges and Saïx does Missions 66, 68, 71, 91ViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Bonus 4: Even more challenges and Mickey does Missions 69, 70, 72, 73ViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Bonus 5: Challenges and Donald Duck does Missions 76-79ViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Bonus 6: Challenging Challenges and Sora does Missions 80, 81, 82, 84ViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Bonus 7: Final Challenges and Riku does Missions 85, 86, 88, 93ViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload
Bonus 8: Roxas does Missions 87, 89, 90, 92 plus some bonus stuffViddlerPolsy/BlipDownload

Worlds Visited

The home of the Nobodies, a world made up of the coalesced remains of worlds consumed by darkness. Their base of operations, The Castle That Never Was, floats ominously over Dark City. Also home to an almost endless supply of Heartless.
Music: Gray Room

A town teetering on the edge between Light and Darkness. As the name suggest, the sun always stays in the same position in the sky. It is the birthplace of Roxas, and a world that he returns to many times.
Music: Normal Battle Clock Tower

The world of Aladdin. A large city surrounded by desert, with a huge royal palace. In the desert is the Cave of Wonders, a mysterious place rumored to be filled with treasures beyond your wildest dreams.
Music: Normal Battle

The world of Beauty and the Beast. A huge castle on the edge of a cliff, home to Beast and Belle. The inhabitants have all been turned into furniture and objects by a curse.
Music: Normal Battle

An Arena where warriors have fierce battles in front of roaring crowds. Home of Hercules, the son of Zeus, a genuine hero trained by Philoctetes.
Music: Normal Battle

A spooky world centered around celebrating Halloween. Home to Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, and numerous other ghouls and ghosts. (Also the best world)
Music: Normal Battle

A totally bizarre world full of eccentric characters. Normal rules don't seem to apply in this backwards world, which seems to function on its own, unique logic.
Music: Normal Battle

The world of Peter Pan. A sprawling archipelago in an ocean that seems to go on forever. Watch out, it's full of pirates!
Music: Normal Battle

Roxas's Diary Entries

Day 7: Entry 1
Day 8: Entry 2
Day 9: Entry 3
Day 14: Entry 4
Day 15: Entry 5
Day 22: Entry 6
Day 23: Entry 7
Day 24: Entry 8
Day 25: Entry 9
Day 26: How Long?
(Days 27 and 28 are blank)
Day 50: Xion's Seashells page 1 page 2
Day 51: Annihilated
Day 52: Ice Cream Alone page1 page 2
Day 71: Axel's Back
Day 72: Ice Cream with Axel
Day 73: Where's Xion?
Day 74: The Three of Us
Day 75: Inseparable page 1 page 2
Day 94: Kingdom Hearts
Day 95: My Past
Day 96: Out of Trouble
Day 97: Our Place
Day 117: Special Nobodies page 1 page 2
Day 118: Vacation
Day 119: Something to Protect
Day 149: WINNER
Day 150: Too Precious To Lose
Day 151: What Makes Us Different
Day 152: I Don't Get It
Day 153: No Taste For It page 1 page 2
Day 171: What is Love? Baby Don't Hurt Me. Don't Hurt Me. No More.
Day 172: Xion's Collapsed page 1 page 2
Day 173: Picking Up the Slack
Day 174: Seashells for Her page 1 page 2
Day 193: Best Friends
Day 194: Even Far Apart page 1 page 2
Day 224: What's Gotten Into Her
Day 225: Something Must Be Wrong
Day 255: Now Axel's Acting Weird
Day 256: Xion's Gone Missing
Day 257: He's Avoiding Me
Day 276: By The Sea
Day 277: No Sign of Her
Day 296: Castle Oblivion
Day 297: Who is That Guy?
Day 298: Some Other Way
Day 299: Sora
Day 300: No Words page 1 page 2
Day 301: My Dream
Day 321: No Energy Left
Day 322: Another Dream
Day 352: Us and the Sunset
Day 353: Broken Trust
Day 357: Three Again?

Secret Reports

(Some names contain spoilers. Author's name in separate spoiler tags)
 Day 7: Meaning   Xemnas 
 Day 8: Roxas   Axel 
 Day 9: On Track   Saix 
 Day 14: This Kid?   Axel 
 Day 15: How Dare They   Larxene 
 Day 22: Castle Oblivion   Axel 
 Day 23: Research Entry 326   Vexen 
 Day 24: The Upper Floors   Zexion 
 Day 25: Hollow Ties   Lexaeus 
 Day 26: Axel's Actions   Zexion 
 Day 27: Organization Dog   Marluxia 
 Day 28: Dealing with the Traitors   Axel 
 Day 50: Strange Feeling   Xion 
 Day 51: Measures Must Be Taken   Saix 
 Day 52: Another Mission   Axel 
 Day 71: The Traitors' End   Xigbar 
 Day 72: Human   Axel 
 Day 73: What Now?   Xion 
 Day 74 Xion's Face   Axel 
 Day 75: Gotta Do Something   Xion 
 Day 94: All Goes Apace   Saix 
 Day 95: My Past   Xion 
 Day 96: Friends   Axel 
 Day 97: Sooo Bored   Demyx 
 Day 117: Him and Roxas   Xigbar 
 Day 118: You Changed, Not Me   Axel 
 Day 119: Hearts and Emotion   Xaldin 
 Day 149: He's the Sham   Xion 
 Day 150: Dealing with Xion   Saix 
 Day 151: These Dreams   Xion 
 Day 152: Like a Real Person   Axel 
 Day 153: This is Gonna Be a Hit!   Demyx 
 Day 171: The No. i Project   Saix 
 Day 172: Meaning Behind the Words   Axel 
 Day 173: The Gamble   Luxord 
 Day 174: Just a Replica   Saix 
 Day 193: Dreams, Or Memories?   Xion 
 Day 194: The Replica page1 page 2   Axel 
 Day 224: Xion page 1 page 2   Axel 
 Day 225: Secrets About Me   Xion 
 Day 255: Final Stages   Xemnas 
 Day 256: Who We Each See   Xigbar 
 Day 257: In the Cards   Luxord 
 Day 276: Behind the Truth page 1 page 2   Axel 
 Day 277: True Agenda   Saix 
 Day 296: Hidden Truths   Xigbar 
 Day 297: Contact with Riku   Axel 
 Day 298: Change of Plans   Saix 
 Day 299: The Value of a Lie   Axel 
 Day 300: Us and the Sunset   Xion 
 Day 301: Xion or Roxas   Axel 
 Day 321: My Place page 1 page 2   Xion 
 Day 322: The Plan   Xemnas 
 Day 352: What I Must Do page 1 page 2   Xion 
 Day 353: A Future That Never Was   Axel 
 Day 354: Where I Belong   Xion 
 Day 355: Mind   Xigbar 
 Day 356: Unforseen Events   Saix 
 Day 357: To My Best Friend   Axel 
 Day 358: Goals   Xemnas 

Enemies Encountered

Gigas Shadow
Yellow Opera
Scarlet Tango
Grey Caprice
Striped Aria
Sapphire Elegy
Pink Concerto
Turquoise March
Emerald Serenade
Dire Plant
Fire Plant
Blizzard Plant
Massive Possessor
Bulky Vendor
Rare Vendor
Minute Bomb
Skater Bomb
Storm Bomb
Flare Note
Bubble Beat
Barrier Master
Shadow Glob
Large Armor
Clay Armor
Solid Armor
Land Armor
Bad Dog
Snapper Dog
Bully Dog
Cymbal Monkey
Tricky Monkey
Air Battler
Aerial Master
Artful Flyer
Sky Grappler
Icy Cube
Snowy Crystal
Lil' Cannon
Ice Cannon
Jumbo Cannon
Switch Launcher
Morning Star
Spiked Crawler
Scorching Sphere
Hover Ghost
Carrier Ghost
Living Pod
Zip Slasher
Dual Blade
Heat Saber
Chill Ripper
Stalwart Blade
Blitz Spear
Veil Lizard
Lurk Lizard
Guard Armor
Powered Armor
Dark Follower
? ? ?
? ? ?
Infernal Engine
Crimson Prankster
Ruler of the Sky
Xion: First Form
Xion: Second Form
Xion: Third Form
Xion: Final Form

Status Ailments Explanation

Element -> Status -> what it does

I. Nothing -> Nulled Defense -> nil attacks ignore defense
II. Space -> Shoe-Glued -> makes it so you can't jump
III. Wind -> Air-Tossed -> knocks you into the air and makes you incapable of recovery until you land, also you take triple damage.
IV. Ice -> Frozen -> Makes you incapable of action, and you take triple damage. Escape by mashing A
V. Earth -> HP Halved -> certain earth attacks halve your HP
VI. Illusion -> Flip-Footed -> your controls are reversed
VII. Moon -> Silence -> can't cast magic
VIII. Fire -> Ignited -> catch on fire, hp is slowly sapped
IX. Water -> Damage Drain -> can heal the users hp
X. Time -> Rewound Defense -> defense is lowered to level 1
XI. Flowers -> Blind -> your attacks can miss
XII. Lightning -> Jolted -> you take damage if anyone touches you, and if it is an ally they also take damage
XIII. Light -> Radar Zapped -> your touch screen map disappears


PersonMan made this terrible flowchart about the game:

I made this awful one in response:

Click here for the full 1000x850 image

Fixed to include GASTON

Click here for the full 1100x850 image

Pesky Splinter made this. If only I would totally play as Gastonx

Click here for the full 490x1022 image

He also made this, which is totally awesome

He also made this picture, based on this post:

Neo Helbeast posted:

That's the one that's a porcupine wearing a human skin suit right? I don't understand how these animes work.

C-Euro provided us with this masterpiece

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