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Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

by Mistaya

Part 1: NOTICE-If you are getting X's and blank spaces instead of images please reload the page. Waffleimages has been having some technical difficulties which are beyond my control. Thank you and I apologize for the issues.

Episode 1: Breaking and Entering

The interior of the castle is pretty white, almost like that room the girl was drawing in...

Goofy is worried they might upset the owners.

Donald isn't.

Actually, yes he is. Sort-of. But we won't see him for a long time.

Alright since when did Donald develop psychic powers?

Goofy decides to go along with it.

I'll see your premonition and raise you a brooding pose!

Jiminy Cricket hops out of Sora's pocket to interrupt.

Oh boy...

I'm developing a knack for catching Donald when he's blinking. In case you didn't notice, the little avatars aren't just pictures, they're fully animated. Its a nice touch when it isn't messing up my screenshots.

To che-

e: fb.

Donald can't let his manly pride be insulted.

Sometimes I think Goofy is the only one in this group that doesn't have the attention span of a goldfish.

But the door is gone...

The dark-cloaked man appears behind them. He has magical warping powers.

Donald, that guy looks nothing like a Heartless.

Maybe he's out of MP?

Uh oh...

This game actually tries to explain why Sora, Donald and Goofy are back at lvl 1. Its still a little hard to swallow but what the hell, I'll give it to 'em.

Yes, under that hood is the Riddler.

Metal gear?!

Wait weren't we looking for someone when we got here?

Gold. Fish.

Riku is in fact here. We won't see him until much later.

The stranger vanishes for a second, reappearing at the staircase.

Sora feels strangely violated.

Oh no, is he holding what I think he's holding?

Tall, dark, and handsome tosses the card to us.

Using this card, and others like it, at the doors between floors of the castle will open the worlds of memories to us.

With one last riddle, the figure vanishes for some time.

The company enters the door.

And where are Donald and Goofy!?

Tune in next time where we'll meet some old friends, and take a look at the card mechanics in:
Episode 2: Tutorials abound.

Last note:
In this game, we will be revisiting the worlds of Kingdom Hearts 1. While the order is completely arbitrary and has no effect on the plot, vote for your favorites and I'll do the worlds in that order. Your first set of choices are:
Agrabah, Wonderland, Halloweentown, Monstro, and the Colliseum.