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Part 10: Episode 10: Worries and Promises

Wonderland it is, then! I went through the level before screenshotting it like usual (so I can get my leveling up/grinding out of the way,) and I discovered that Wonderland is both very short and very easy at this point. I spammed the last boss down with no trouble and no real card strategy. I think you were supposed to do them in the order they showed up left->right initially. If so Coliseum was probably last and I've already beaten the hard part of this world pack. To answer the question, I think the bosses will have less HP, maybe hit a little less, but their decks remain the same and Hades deck/sleights is what makes him hard. Anyways, here we go once again, with-

Episode 10: Worries and Promises

This is pretty much old hat, but it is good to know the boys are taking the memory loss seriously.

Hey, he may have trouble pronunciating but Goofy's never shown any problems with memory. In fact he was the only one who recalled Hollow Bastion before.

This was the very end of Kingdom Hearts 1. The final door wouldn't shut until someone on the other side helped push it closed, and Riku and Mickey made the choice to sacrifice themselves for that. Our trio here is really set on the two of them having escaped from the world of darkness. This is absolutely true, however Mickey and Riku haven't gotten into contact with anyone since then, letting both friends and enemies think them gone for now.

We're not even halfway up the tower Sora, might want to hold onto a little bit of caution.

Elsewhere in Castle Oblivion, Axel and another member of the Organization check their security crystals.

Meet Larxene. Only female member of the Organization. Nice handlebars.

Axel has a couple legit reasons to be interested in Sora. None of them are explained until Kingdom Hearts 2, so for this game he's just a creepy stalker guy. I'll be happy to go into those details later, now however is not the time.

Also, Larxene clearly came down here to hit on Axel.

When this was released nobody knew what Axel was talking about.

It's likely  Ansem  (KH1 final boss) but I could be wrong.

Axel is far too busy thinking about Sora to notice the willing blonde 5 feet from him.

When not fucking with Sora, Axel is fairly straightforward. He just flat out gave us an important piece of information we wouldn't find out until over halfway through KH2 if we hadn't played this game. While it seems small, this is the core that everything the Organization does is based on.

Back on the 4th floor, Donald has jumped to a rather false conclusion.

I'm running out of memory based jokes and it is only the 4th floor.

I think Goofy forgot his common sense.

Yeah, this was totally where common sense abandoned our party.

It's a shiny!

I'll never forget that promise, and that's why I'll never forget Kairi.
Kairi gave this to us in a sewer in a back alley in Traverse Town. It was a really touching scene . Sora is not going about this memory thing the right way though, and it will bite him in the ass sooner than later. This is the Oathkeeper charm by the way.

This is hard to capture properly. Sora began thinking about Kairi, the red-haired girl. His memory begins of Kairi begins to blur with the blonde girl though. It's the drawing girl. Who is this and why is she taking Kairi's place in Sora's memory?

Sora has never seen the drawing girl before in his life.

Yeah, hallucinations are nothing to worry about. Well that's alright since we're heading for the land of shrooms and such.

We'll pick up with Wonderland next time, (on page 2! Yay no more loading 1000 images! ,) in-

Episode 11: Off With Her Head!