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Part 11: Episode 11: Off With Her Head!

Alright folks, sorry for the delay but I refused to post another 70 images on that page. It was swamped enough. Now it's time for-

Episode 11: Off With Her Head!
Yes this is an unoriginal and boring chapter title. The level shares these traits.

Well our first level was obnoxiously purple, the second eye-burningly yellow, so I'm glad to see a gentle minty green here.

For a very important date! No time to say hello, goodbye! I'm late I'm late I'm late!
Ok so he didn't say all that but he should have.

The government takes jury duty very seriously around here.

Sora is now wondering if he'd get more exp for decapitations.

The white rabbit runs off to the next plot door.

Yes Sora, there are other methods of killing people than beating on them until they explode into exp balls.

Welcome to Wonderland. Have a mushroom.

Wonderland is pretty tame compared to the raging rumbles of the Coliseum. Here's one of our new enemies the flower. It spits seeds at you and its roots poke you on the ground.

Here's our other new enemy, the springy trumpet dude. (I could look the proper names up but its more fun to say 'trumpet dude'.) Both these enemies weren't present for KH1, but later appeared in KH2.

I did a considerable amount of leveling, upping my CP a bit and adding Cloud and another 0 card to my deck. Cloud is a fun summon and he hits really hard, so I like him. Now then, lets see what's behind door number one!

"Order in the court!"
"I'll have a ham sandwich."
"Turkey on rye!"

You weren't supposed to eat the mushroom Goofy.

Seriously, who holds a trial on the front lawn.
Wait a second... The Queen is holding a court, attended by her court, in the court-yard.

Alice is apparently a terrorist.

Wait... What?

Why is that exactly? Did the Queen go to bed last night after giving a grand speech about how she had this awe-inspiring master plan to rid the world of Heartless then wake up unable to remember it? Was she drinking a bit too much, by chance?

Typical teenager. Except she's like 12. Maybe.

Uh... Sure lady, if you say so.

Sora cannot let this injustice stand!

The system at work folks.

Unfortunately for Sora, the situation here is much changed from KH1 and he can't rely on his old memories to cheese his way through.

I direct your attention to evidence A: 5 empty bottles of Shroomshroom schnapps found in the Queen's bedchamber.

Going to have to penalize you for this Wright.

Yes Sora you most certainly are. This world and its people are made of your memories. The inhabitants are only trying to cope with the missing pieces of themselves that you left out.

Sora however was just stalling for time.

Incoming waves of cards battle!

But we have cards of our own to fight back with.

They were many, but we had Goofy Tornado!

Like the true she is, Alice booked it as soon as everyone was distracted.

I'm the only one allowed to make card puns Donald!

Sora chases after the little blonde wench and runs smack into the second plot door. What will we find here? You'll have to wait till next time in-

Episode 12: Peppermint Striped Advice