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Part 12: Episode 12: Peppermint Striped Advice

Aight Halloweentown next, but it won't be for like 4 more updates. Also, Agrabah was the default "first" world, it's going to be so easy if I do it last. Not that Wonderland was terribly difficult. I would have to go boot up KH2 and check the reports to confirm that Dan W, I'll do that today and see what I come up with. Now, on with the show-

Episode 12: Peppermint Striped Advice

Thanks for helping us out after we put our ass on the line for you Alice, really.

I can hear that prim little English accent right now. "I don't consort with theives you know, it wouldn't be proper!"

Can't steal what was never there!

Donald with the .

Unlike pretty much any random NPC in an RPG ever, Alice actually picked up our name from Goofy and didn't have to ask us what it was. I like this girl.

Another character who talks in riddles. Lovely.

"She won't stop hounding you til you get her memory back!
Did she forget because she remembers?
Does she remember that she forgot?
Doesn't matter I suppose..."

Good boy Sora.

"If the Queen catches her again its off with- well you know."

Alice can avoid her too. Alice has proven she's quite good at running away.

Bad Sora!

Asking Sora to NOT do something is like asking him to not breathe.

"Likewise, if something never happened, you can't remember it.
Try too hard to remember and your memory might lie to you."

Warning- Warning- Foreshadowing has reached 150% of maximum capacity!

Whooooooosh. That was the sound of all this going right over Sora's head.

Or not figure out, in the case of Sora. Well that charming encounter kicks us out of the plot door and we're left to wander Wonderland.

Cloud takes out some frustration on the poor native Heartless.

Once more I'll leave you at the third plot door. The end of Wonderland is nigh, in-

Oh screw it theres not much left lets just finish this up right now, in:
Episode 13: Smooth Talking