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Part 13: Episode 13: Smooth Talking

I'm going to split these by plot door from now on, which should hopefully help us keep the pages going instead of have 1000 images per. Lets keep rolling though!

Episode 13: Smooth Talking

Dude this floor looks trippy.

We've walked into a house Goofy. They don't generally have grass in them.

Well I hope our little girl running off on her own doesn't get into any-


We've been looking for you actually, we have to "do" something about you, if you know what I mean.

-Insert flashy white light effects here-

Egads, the flashy lights have addled her wits!

It was Alice all along! Look at the smug grin on that girlish face...

Alright it wasn't Alice. That would have been way cooler though.

BOSS 5- Trickmaster
This thing is a joke. In KH1 it was a tough fight because you had to hit it up higher than you could jump so you needed to use furniture and stuff. In this game it dies by poking it in the kneecaps repeatedly.

Its first attack is blowing little fireballs at you. Its second attack is walking briskly over your head. I'm not even gonna bother taking a picture of that.

Using the mickey emblem card in this fight gives us a table. Why? You can hit him from the ground so I don't know. It can't do the walking slowly over your head attack with this up so it just double-fireballs. Easy to break. It doesn't even have any sleights. Oh if you stand on the table it will smash the table and make it go away. Terrifying.

It didn't even give me enough EXP to level up. Worthless piece of...
Boss 6- Trickmaster

"What is the meaning of this?! Where did that Heartless come from?"

This lady is seriously paranoid.

"It was you who commanded us to destroy the Heartless!"

Alice busts out the smoothest talking in the series right here.

"And so, at your Majesty's command, we fought the Heartless to prove ourselves.
Isn't that right Sora?"

Alice stomps on Sora's foot.

Does this look like a face that could lie to you?

Lying is bad kids, really.

The Queen and Cards head back to wherever their castle is. Crisis averted!

Girls are better at manipulation than boys.

"'Try too hard to remember and your memories might lie to you.'
The queen would never admit she forgot.
So instead she remembered something that didn't even happen!
She ended up fooling herself."

Warning- Foreshadowing at 200% capacity, no sign of stopping!

He was pondering what he wanted for lunch.

"After all we got rid of the Heartless just as she commanded!"

Our two card-bound compatriots had to get one last line off before we hopped out of the level.

Up the Great Big Ladder... or vine... we go!

Hello save cube, I missed you. What could await us in the white corridor this time? Will all that foreshadowing come back and bite our hero in his bright red trousers? Find out next time in-

Episode 14: The Other Girl Next Door